MadBox Games is a mobile game developer based in France that has created 20+ games since they were started in May 2018. This company is one I took on to rebrand in my Advanced Campaigns class.
The big concept that MadBox pushed as part of their brand was being "Casually Mad: a casual team with a mad ambition." This was what I focused on as I began to develop ideas for their new logo.
After settling on the final design, I decided to reference the company's original color palette for their new logo. It was appealing, general (to appeal to a large audience), and fit their branding as a company.
The next big step was developing a website for them. Since this website was mostly to feature the games they have created, I decided to use the original apps and art that the company designed in creating their website.
In creating merch for this company, I decided to focus on fun and simple designs, as it fit the company's concept of being "Casually Mad." The idea of company hoodies and simple stickers created a solid foundation for their work.
Finally, I chose to animate the company's logo. A black screen with the white logo is what comes up as one loads into a mobile game and sees the developers. This animation therefore was vital to being seen as the company responsible for their games.
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