In the class Advanced Campaigns, we were told to pick a major company to rebrand for one of our projects. In order to best represent the identity groups I am a part of, I chose Canine Companions. Canine Companions is a company that trains and provides service dogs to those in need. They are one of the leading companies for service dogs in the United States.
I chose to focus the rebrand on expanding the company's audience demographics. In recent years, with social media allowing for disability communities to expand, it is becoming more common for younger people with disabilities to seek mobility aids, service animals, and other tools to help improve their quality of life. Therefore, this rebrand's demographic was focused on an audience that is actively participating in social media, and the aesthetics that would appeal to them.
As for most brands, one of the key features to design for this company was their new website. Because of the nature of the branding I was creating, I also wanted to establish how they would treat images and apply it to their social media.
Next, I wanted to focus on business-essentials assets. These included business cards, an informational poster, and a trade show booth concept. A lot of the work that Canine Companions does is at trade shows and expos that focus around disability, so creating a functional space for a booth was very important.
Finally, I needed to establish what other branded items would be essential to their business. I decided that designed polos for the employees would be important, with each color of shirt defining a sector of the business (Dog Training, Corporate, Location Staff, etc.) The last item, and perhaps the most important, was the harnesses for the dogs: the main cyan/blue for the adult dogs, and harnesses utilizing the brand's other colors for the service dogs in training.
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