As a young queer design student starting at the University of North Texas, the direction of my future changed drastically when I got hired at the Pride Alliance as their student graphic designer. There was no place I wanted to be other than among my community, and now I was developing the graphics for the programs the office put on.
As I continued in my four years with the Pride Alliance, I was put in charge of developing branding for the office to provide us with consistency among the large number of events we put on. For this work, I created a logo, styles for our main information, and more.
Eventually, we decided on a logo that proudly represented us, and I got to work applying it.
This position created for me the knowledge of where and who I want to work for: my communities. I have defined myself as a "Creative Advocate" in that I will continue to use my work to provide impacts for the minority communities I represent and call my own.
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